We believe parents know best.

But sometimes they need a little help.

That's where we come in!

Our purpose is to help parents and babies achieve their best sleep and ease anxiety by providing education on the birthing process and infant care.

We’re Here To Help

We provide all the support your growing family needs. From infant sleep training and night nurses, to breastfeeding consultations and infant care classes, Your Baby Consultant provides the resources and expertise you need.

Are you exhausted?

Most parents think they are failing when really they are just new parents. I tell all my parents, it feels hard because it is. Every baby is different. In fact, I have parents on baby #3 that are baffled by their child’s sleep schedule. What works for one child might not for another. Our promise is to listen and provide gentle solutions founded in experience and education. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, tired, or just unsure, we totally get it and we can help. 

Newborn Sleep Help and Night Nurses

Our Service Area

Our baby sleep solutions, classes, consultations and childcare services are available in two communities and their surrounding areas.

We Provide
Support For Your
Growing Family...

From new parent and infant care,
to night nurses and baby sleep training,
we're here to help your whole family thrive.


What Our Clients Say
Mandy was a key part in helping us with our newborn twins. (Although I am a physician,) I don’t know if one ever feels truly prepared to be a parent. Mandy was reassuring, supportive and always arrived with a smile and suggestions of how she could help.
Elizabeth Annapolis, MD
I highly recommend Annapolis Baby Consultants for anyone who has a little one who is having a hard time sleeping at night or adjusting to a crib. My little guy was waking up every hour during the night and I was getting to be very sleep deprived. Mandy came over to our house and helped us get back on track.
Bridget Daniel Island, SC
We used Your Baby Consultant for overnight newborn care and could not have been more pleased. From day 1, Mandy exceeded our expectations and made us feel completely comfortable having her care for our new baby. She was professional yet warm, and I felt like she really developed a bond with our baby.
Meredith Annapolis, MD

Tips, News & Resources

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