What Our Clients Say

We are very proud of the services we provide and are thankful to our clients for sharing their feedback. Read our testimonials from our happy customers.
Kelly T.

24 Hour Newborn Care - Sullivan’s Island

I would highly recommend Mandy at the highest level. She is truly an expert in 24 hour newborn care we couldn’t have had such a wonderful week with out her. She is also a patient and effective teacher, which is really important after she is gone!
Sarah W.

Overnight Newborn Care - Mount Pleasant, SC

Your Baby Consultant was a wonderful company to work with, from beginning to end. I had a c-section with my third baby and used the night nurse service for our first week home. Even though I was breastfeeding at night, it was so very helpful to have the wonderful night nurse there to do everything in between, since it was so hard for me to move around that first week. We worked with 2 nurses and both were so sweet, knowledgeable, and wonderful. I felt totally comfortable putting my sweet baby in their care. I got a lot more sleep than I would have otherwise!
-Sarah W.
Paula S.

Overnight Newborn Care - Annapolis, MD

First night with our night nurse, Abby was wonderful. Baby Theo (along with mommy and daddy) slept SO well. Yay! One trick that Abby reminded me of is to hold baby upright for 15 mins or so after each feed to allow the food to digest.”
-Paula S.
Dr. Harrison

Overnight Newborn Care - Mount Pleasant, SC

There are truly no words that can describe the impact that Mandy and her company had by providing night nursing early in our infant’s life. We are in awe of their recommendations and action in getting our child on a regular sleep schedule. Her services come with our utmost recommendation and receives the full endorsement of two medical professionals and parents! Don’t think twice, just hire her. It will be the best decision you have ever made.
-Dr. Harrison
Taylor E.

Newborn Care Remote Consultation - Greenville, SC

As a new mom to twin boys, the nighttime made me feel so anxious. After one too many mentally exhausting nights, I finally decided my online courses and countless Google searches weren’t going to cut it anymore, so I reached out to Mandy.
I couldn’t be more grateful for the help she provided for our family. She gave me
confidence, was easy to get in touch with and gave genuine advice in response to
all of my questions. After working with her, I was able to get the boys sleeping the longest stretches they have since they came home. As a result, I was able to sleep as well. Because of that, I feel like I am a better mom and wife for my sweet family.
Thank you Mandy!!
-Taylor E.
Brianna G.

Overnight Newborn Care - Mount Pleasant, SC

Mandy and her team of nurses could not have been a better fit for our growing family. From ease of scheduling to incredible care and support, I would recommend Your Baby Consultant to any new or seasoned parent looking for overnight newborn care. The sleep (sleep with confidence) was worth it.
-Brianna G.
Shannon P.

Baby Sleep Coaching - Johns Island, SC

The BABY COACH YOU ALWAYS NEEDED! As a first time mom, for the first 8 weeks, I felt disheveled, sleep deprived, and unable to enjoy my newborn. The anxiety overwhelmed me every day trying to figure out my baby, her naps, and night time sleep. Mandy responded to a desperate email that was sent out late at night after battling my baby to sleep for hours. She was at my house ready to help the following week! After spending some time with me and reviewing where we were, evaluating our current routine and sleep environment; Mandy developed a sleep schedule and gave me all of the tactics needed for a smooth daytime nap routine and night routine. She also gave me very detailed notes on how to trouble shoot should things go awry. Not only that, but Mandy was available for two follow up phone calls to answer questions that arose after applying her tactics for 2 weeks! What a blessing. She gave me the confidence and empowerment to be able to take care of my baby the best way that I can....and that was by mommy getting more rest herself. We will be using Mandy in the future as our baby gets older and should we continue to grow our family. Could not recommend her more!
-Shannon P.
Dr. Germain

24 Hour Newborn Care - CA

Mandy Owens is an extremely dedicated newborn care expert. She was diligent in helping me with 24 hour newborn care, giving me confidence and valuable information with her newborn care classes. In addition to these excellent services, Mandy has an extensive newborn care and nanny network she personally screens and trains. Newborns and babies are truly her heart.
-Dr. Germain