How Much Does A Night Nurse Cost In Charleston, SC? 

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It’s no surprise, new babies are exhausting! A baby nurse supports new parents by providing newborn care and advice, and giving parents much needed rest. The cost of a night nurse is a consideration in hiring a baby nurse during the first few nights or weeks at home with baby. Are you curious about the typical night nurse cost in the Charleston, SC area? Read on to learn more about the average costs and benefits of a night nurse.

What is a baby night nurse?

First things first, what is a baby night nurse? A baby night nurse is a Registered Nurse or Newborn Care Specialist that works during night time hours, tending to all baby’s needs and allowing new parents to achieve much needed sleep and rest. It is no secret that the first few weeks of having a newborn at home are some of the most special, yet exhausting nights as parents. Especially if there are other kids to care for, it is crucial for parents to have the right support. Your baby night nurse is a registered nurse who works with families to develop a feeding, changing, and sleeping schedule for the newborn and to teach new parents about infant care. The baby nurse’s goal is to help parents transition seamlessly from the hospital to their home.

Will a night nurse help my infant sleep better?

Normal infant behavior involves eating as much as every one to three hours during the first few weeks at home. Waking up every one to three hours to nurse or feed in the middle of the time is completely normal for a newborn. That doesn’t mean it isn’t exhausting for new parents! A baby nurse will create a night time routine to help baby feed efficiently and fall back asleep so in the long run, your new family feels confident in your new schedule with baby.

What do night nurses do?

Overnight newborn care providers are responsible for feeding, burping, and changing the baby, as well as soothing him or her back to sleep. If breastfeeding, the nurse will bring the mother her baby when it’s time to feed, as well as assist with latching on or pumping if needed.

The nurse keeps a log for sleeping, feeding, and changing to help the family create an agenda that fits their unique needs. Plus, because these individuals are trained in infant care, they are equipped to deal with baby-specific issues such as diaper rash, cradle cap, and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERP), to name a few.

How do I find the right night nurse for my newborn?

Your Baby Consultant has screened and hired a team of Registered Nurses and Infant Care Specialists that will be matched to your families needs, location, and schedule. When reviewing potential nurses, carefully review all credentials and references, and ensure the nurse has any specific certifications that might be beneficial to you. For example, all newborn nighttime care providers should be certified in infant CPR, but maybe you’d like someone who is also trained as a lactation consultant.

Is hiring a baby night nurse worth it?

Although it can be a big decision, hiring a newborn nighttime care provider has overwhelmingly positive reviews from all types of families. Night nurses can be hired for one night up to four weeks. Giving new parents the support and back up they need will set families up for success during the first few months with baby.  Though it’s not necessarily a cheap endeavor, having the extra help of a Charleston night nurse can bring parents a peace of mind that is priceless.

How much does night nurse cost in the Charleston area?

When hiring a newborn nighttime care provider, parents can expect to pay about 25-30% more than they would a regular daytime nanny. In the Charleston area, rates run $40-50 per hour, depending on the type of provider and number of babies.

Most baby night nurses in Charleston, SC require a minimum number of hours, typically 8, and work from around 10pm-6am. It is common for parents to use overnight newborn care services until the baby sleeps through the night, although there are no minimum number of nights required. For 24-hour care, this jumps to $550-1000 per day, depending again on how many babies and the type of service provided.

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