12 Tips to Calm a Crying Baby

12 tips to calm a crying baby

Babies cry. A lot. After all, it’s nature’s way of making sure all their basic needs are met. So how to you calm a crying baby? Books, family members, friends, and professionals all have secret tips to share.

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Having some useful tools for soothing a crying baby is priceless. The following soothing methods can be used when you have first tried to feed baby and they are not hungry.

Here’s 12 Tips to Calm a Crying Baby

calm a crying baby

1) For a tired baby, swaddle with a blanket to prepare for sleep at every nap and bedtime.

calm a crying baby

2) Put your baby in motion by using a swing, bouncer vibration, front carrier or rocking them in your arms.

calm a crying baby

3) Give your baby a pacifier. Sucking is comforting.

calm a crying baby

4) Put your baby on its side while holding and awake and gently sway from side-to-side. AKA football hold.

white noise for baby

5) Use a white noise machine or app on your iphone.

baby on lap

6) Lay baby on back on your lap and windshield wiper your legs side to side.

bicycle baby legs

7) Lay baby on back and bicycle legs to help add with gas relief.

burp baby

8) Hold baby over your shoulder and pat on back to encourage a burp to relieve tummy aches.

stroller baby

9) Put baby in a stroller and walk outside can often help calm a crying baby.

feed baby

10) Is baby hungry? Feed baby the breast or bottle. Feeding baby may also help baby poop ironically and relieve tummy aches.

calm a crying baby

11) Ask someone to hold the baby. Pass baby off to a partner, relative or friend. And they may even have a strategy to calm a crying baby.

calm a crying baby

12) If you ever feel anger or extreme frustration 🤯, lay baby safely on back in crib and walk away for 10 minutes to cool off. You need a mom or dad time out to RESET. And that’s okay. Best case scenario, baby cries and falls asleep within those 10 minutes.

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