Overnight Newborn Care For Annapolis Families

Overnight newborn care services give you peace of mind by providing a night nurse or nanny to care for your baby and give you the sleep you deserve.

You will also have the opportunity to learn about infant care through a skilled baby provider. Your provider is responsible for feeding, burping, changing diapers and getting your baby back to sleep. In addition, your provider will help with baby’s laundry and wash bottles. If breastfeeding, your provider will bring your baby to you when it is time to nurse.


Your Baby Consultant recommends starting care when you get home from the hospital to allow your body to recover from delivery.  Hours typically scheduled for overnight newborn care are 9pm-11pm until 6am-7am.  There is an (8) eight-hour minimum to schedule these services.  However, there is no minimum number of nights required. It is common to utilize overnight newborn care services until your baby is sleeping through the night. 24-hour care is also available for those parents who would like a Registered Nurse (RN) or Newborn Care Specialist (NCS) to guide you through those first few days at home.


  • $27-39/hour, depending upon the type of provider and number of babies.
  • $500-800/day for 24 hour care, depending upon type of provider and number of babies.

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Remote Baby Sleep Consultations

We also offer additional services to help your growing family adjust and thrive. We are proud to offer remote baby sleep consultations, which are available by both phone and email. This remote assistance ABC will provide a customized plan for helping get your baby on a proper sleep schedule. This plan includes (2) two weeks of unlimited email support, along with (2) two 15-minute phone calls.

Fee: $350

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Infant Sleep Consultations
My newborn won't sleep

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